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Time Based Workflow to Close "Expired" Opportunities

I would like to create a workflow rule that closes an opportunity if it doesn't have any modifications in 60 days AND does not have any Activities in 60 days.  I can't seem to figure out how to put time based workflow around both dates.  Also, time based workflow does seem to trigger off of Last Activity Date.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 


That's because you can't create a workflow rule using the Last Activity Date.  The problem is that an activity doesn't trigger an update on the opportunity record- that field is just for use in reporting.  When cross object workflow is released (no date yet) this will be doable.


The closest alternative would be to create workflow rule to trigger when IsClosed=False.  Then set a time-based workflow rule to trigger in 55 days to email the opp owner to update the opp, and one at 60 days to mark it closed (or something to this effect).  In the email to the sales rep you could include a link to edit the opportunity so all the rep would have to do is click the link and click save.


As soon as the opp is modified, the workflow rule timer resets.


That's not how time-based workflows work. You're going to have to find another approach. Workflows say "when x happens, do y," but x needs to be literally something happening, not the lack of anything happening for the last z days. The time-based aspect lets you say "when x happens, wait a days then do y". 


So, you could make a report where last modified date is > last 60 days and where last activity > last 60 days and then you'll need to manually (or somewhat automated using the data loader or something) close these. Even better, you could schedule the report to go out to the sales reps and tell them to close the opps themselves - that way they could put a reason why they were lost and/or make one last attempt to follow-up.


Ah that's right you can't use a time-based workflow rule when the rule is activated on every edit; report method is a good alt.