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Service History Report

I am asked to create a report and subsequently a dashboard that checks if a certain unique serial number has had 3 or more calls within the last 90 days.  What would be the best way to go about this?

Any help would be appreciated.

I know i can limit the output of a report by LASt 90 DAYS but im confused how i can limit the output to only those records that have more than 3 occurances based on a serial number.  Hope this makes sense.

I did create a custom forumla that does a record count but i see i cant use that custom formula name as a criteria  like custom formula > 3.


thank you

I'm assuming serial number is a field on your Case object. I don't think you can set it up to only show if there have been more than 3 cases, but you could create a dashboard that shows how many times that serial number has appeared in cases in the last 90 days.
Wow,  i find that a severe shortcoming that i can't create a report based on a custom object wiht custom fields that will only include records that show more than 3 times in a given time period. HOw am i suppose to create KPI's in Salesforce?
There are many shortcomings to Salesforce reports. They are pretty wonderfully simple to create, but as a result some things are simply not possible with them. If you're a database guy, may I recommend the fantastic DBAmp product by forceAmp - this will replicate your Salesforce data into a local SQL database and from there you can make any report you can imagine. Another fantastic tool is made by Cloud9 Analytics - they snapshot your data nightly and can send you any type of dashboard via email you can imagine, and they are also wonderful to work with.

THank you for the reply. I am already pulling the source data out of a 3rd party app and upload it into sales force every night. We want to have all reporting done in SalesForce for uniformity but now it looks like ill have to back away from that and dissapoint my Directors.

I wonder if i coud make something happen pre massaging the data and somehow flag a record or serial number that it occurs more than 2 times in a time period and upload that to salesforce as well.


Still blows my mind that something this simple is not present in Salesforce reporting.  i can think of 20 reports that woud need a function like that to properly work.

You definitely could pre-calculate and flag records to be included in the report - that would be a good workaround.