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Invalid conversion from runtime type <class> to <interface>

I am getting a strange error message as above.


I have an interface {say A} which has one method. I have a class {say B} that implements the interface (the method). And I have another class/method that takes interface A as a parameter. And I call that method with an instance of the class B. All compiles ok. But I got the error when running it.


I do not see what can possibly be wrong with my code. If I do not implement the method in A, it fails to compile. If I remove 'implements A' from B, it fails to compile. Also I have another class {C} that implements the interface A, and is used in exact same way and it works fine.


Anyone has seen similar issues?







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I am seeing the same problem but in a somewhat obscure combination of managed packages and triggers. If you solved your problem please post the solution here as that may help me.




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Yes, it's always a good idea to develop against the latest version. Apex changes a fair bit with each version, so it's always best to make sure the full feature list is available to you.


If you look at the list of reserved keywords:


You'll see that there quite a few to come. With the documentation referring to the current version of Apex, that's what you should be developing against. Whenever a new version comes out for my dev instance, the first thing I do is change the version of all of my classes/triggers/etc.


To be clear here, the version issue was not with the " API" where code locked to one version will continue to work against future versions of the platform. But rather that some source code that depended on a managed package broke when the managed package was upgraded which is a failure of the aimed for backward compatibility of managed packages.

Afzal MohammadAfzal Mohammad
@luckyme did you get this working? I am stuck with a same issue. fyi, I am on the latest version.