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How to write Test Class for after Insert Trigger



can anybody help me to write Test class for this Trigger




trigger insertIntoCustomerContactDetail on Contact (after insert)



for (Contact a :


CustomerContactDetail__c ccd = new CustomerContactDetail__c


Contact__c =,

First_Name__c =a.firstName,


Date_Of_Birth__c = a.Date_Of_Birth__c,

Mobile_No__c = a.MobilePhone,

Email__c = a.Email__c


insert ccd ;




Thanks in Advance




Hi, you just need create a class with a test method that fires the trigger.


Guessing by your example,
your test method needs to create a Contact Object and then insert it to the database. Code example:


@isTest private class testYourTriggers { static testMethod void testInsertToCustomerContactDetail(){ /* Create a contact and set it's data */ ... insert aContact; ... /* Check that a CustomerConcatacDetail was succefuly created */ } static testMethod void anotherTestMethod(){ ... } }


If you are in a Sandbox or Production, you will need to first save the test class and
then the trigger. Just be sure the test code is activating the trigger.


Hope it helps.

- Zeta


Hi I am having the same problem BUT my trigger is based on the Lead SObject and the trigger calls a handler class. So would this handler class be causing that error problem?  Thanks.


Note: the method name for the handler class is:  InquiryLeadManager.handleInquiryLeadInsert()


trigger InquiryLeads on Lead (after insert) {
    List<Lead> processInquiries = new List<Lead>();
    //Record Type for Inquiries
    RecordType chi = [Select Id from RecordType where SObjectType = 'Lead' and Name = 'Ch Inquiry'];
    List<Lead> leads =  [SELECT Id,RecordTypeId,manual_load__c,Inquiry_Packet_Sent__c, MailStatus__c,FirstName,LastName,Street,City,State,County__c,PostalCode FROM Lead WHERE Id IN: Trigger.newMap.keySet()];
    for(Lead alead : leads){
          system.debug('RECORD TYPE ID: '+alead.RecordTypeId+' STREET: '+alead.Street+' ');
           if(alead.MailStatus__c != 'Email'){
               if(alead.RecordTypeId == chi.Id && alead.Street!=null && !alead.Street.contains('a href=') && !alead.Street.contains('http://')){
                 if((alead.MailStatus__c == 'Mail' || alead.MailStatus__c == 'Both')){
                //Make sure that no null or blank name contacts are entered from web page.
                    if(((alead.FirstName != null && alead.LastName != null) || (alead.FirstName != '' && alead.LastName !='')))
                        if(!alead.manual_load__c ){
                            alead.Inquiry_Packet_Sent__c = true;
                            system.debug('<< A LEAD>> '+alead);
           } //If
      if(processInquiries.size() > 0){
          update processInquiries;
          system.debug('GO TO PROCESS OPPORTUNITIES');

========= Handler Class ================

public with sharing class InquiryLeadManager {
  public class InquiryLeadException extends Exception{}
  public static void handleInquiryLeadInsert(List<Lead> newLeads){
      List<Opportunity> Orders= new List<Opportunity>();
      OrderEntryServices.Result r = new OrderEntryServices.Result();
      //Get the Account ID
      Account acctId = [Select Id from Account WHERE Mailing_Address_Book__c = '13' LIMIT 1];
      //String version of ID Type aID
      String aID = String.valueOf(acctId.Id);
      //Index counter for Opportunity meaning:  'Opportunity per a specific Lead processed'.
      Integer leadCnt = 0;
    Boolean foundLead = false;
    //Record ID for Order Opportunities
    RecordType rec = [Select Id from RecordType where SObjectType = 'Opportunity' and Name = 'Orders'];
    //Record Type for  Chicago Inquiries
    RecordType chi = [Select Id from RecordType where SObjectType = 'Lead' and Name = 'Ch Inquiry'];
    // Application will be the Created By user
    User ouser = [SELECT Id from User where Name = 'Biz4Applications' limit 1];
      system.debug('<<AID> '+aID);
       // Get the contact ID to create the opportunity
    Contact contactId = [Select Id, Name, FirstName, LastName, Phone, Email, AccountId, Account.Name,
              Account.Account_on_Hold__c, Account.Hold_Comments__c, Account.Undeliverable_Mailing__c, Account.Undeliverable_Shipping__c, Account.Mailing_Address_Book__c,
              Account.BillingStreet,  Account.BillingCity, Account.BillingPostalCode, Account.BillingState, Account.BillingCountry, Account.Billing_County__c,
                Account.ShippingStreet, Account.ShippingCity, Account.ShippingPostalCode, Account.ShippingState, Account.ShippingCountry, Account.Shipping_County__c,
              Account.RecordType.Name, Account.Default_Terms__c, Account.Default_Shipping_Address__c, Account.CurrencyISOCode
            From Contact where Account.Id =: aID  and  Active__c = true and Purchasing_Contact__c = true and Billing_Contact__c = true Limit 1];
    String cID = String.valueOf(contactId.Id);
           for(Lead alead : newLeads){
                r = OrderEntryServices.CreateOrder(cID,'Chicago Price Book','Order',System.Today(),'Biz4');
                //Create address to point to the Inquiry  address and contact.
                foundLead = true;
                  Address__c addr = new Address__c(First_Name__c = alead.FirstName,
                          Last_Name__c = alead.LastName,
                          Default_Shipping_Address__c = true,                
                          State__c= alead.State,
                          Country__c = 'UNITED STATES',
                          County__c = alead.County__c,
                          Show_in_Order_Entry__c = true);
                  insert addr;
                  system.debug('<<Orders>> '+Orders);
                  OrderEntryServices.AddProduct(Orders[leadCnt].Id, '94239', 1, 0, 'S - Stock Inventory Item');
                  OrderEntryServices.AddProduct(Orders[leadCnt].Id,'43490',1,2.10,'F - Freight');
                  Orders[leadCnt].Amount = 2.10;
                  //Move Save and submission as the last step
                  system.debug('<<SAVED ORDER>> '+Orders[leadCnt]);
                  system.debug('<<A-Shipping2>> '+ addr);
                  Orders[leadCnt].RecordTypeId = rec.Id;
                  Orders[leadCnt].Type = 'Shipping';
                  Orders[leadCnt].Order_Type__c = 'SO';
                  Orders[leadCnt].Shipping_Address__c = addr.Id;
                  Orders[leadCnt].Ship_to_Name__c = addr.First_Name__c +' '+addr.Last_Name__c;
                  Orders[leadCnt].Ship_to_First_Name__c = addr.First_Name__c;
                  Orders[leadCnt].Ship_to_Last_Name__c = addr.Last_Name__c;
                  Orders[leadCnt].Shipping_Street__c = alead.Street;
                  Orders[leadCnt].Shipping_City__c = alead.City;
                  Orders[leadCnt].Shipping_State__c =  alead.State;
                  Orders[leadCnt].Shipping_Zip_Code__c = alead.PostalCode;
                  Orders[leadCnt].Shipping_Country__c = 'UNITED STATES';
                  Orders[leadCnt].Inquiry_ID2__c = aLead.Id;
                  system.debug('<<Order ID>> '+Orders[leadCnt]);   
                  Orders[leadCnt].OwnerId = ouser.Id;
                  //Now Submit Everything...
                system.debug('Error when creating an opportunity');    
      }//FOR LOOP
    if (Orders.size() > 0){
      upsert Orders;
      System.debug('<<ORDERS>> '+Orders);
    catch(Exception e){





I forgot to include my test case that failed:


private class InquiryLeadsTestCase {
static testMethod void TestIquiryLeadInsert()
     RecordType chi = [Select Id from RecordType where SObjectType = 'Lead' and Name = 'Chicago Inquiry'];
    List<Lead> ldNew = new List<Lead>();
   ldNew.add(new Lead(FirstName= 'Racer',LastName = 'X',Street= '720 S Michigan Ave',City = 'Chicago',State = 'IL',MailStatus__c =       'Mail',PostalCode = '60601',
Country = 'UNITED STATES',Inquiry_Packet_Sent__c = true,Phone='(312) 555-2000',RecordTypeId=chi.Id));

  insert ldNew;