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Retrieving picklist values by record type

Hi SFDC developers -


I've been trying to see if there is a way in Apex to retrieve the values of a picklist by record type.  The getPickListValues() method doesnt seem to take input arguments for record type id.  Also the DescribeSObjectResult object seems to retrieve record types info, but this child object doesnt seem to be able to get the values either.   Is there sometihng I'm missing or is there another creative solution for this?  


The basic requirement is on VF page to dynamically show task object picklist values based on what country a user is  from (we'll get that off user record and match to a record type on the task object and get the appropriate values). 


Thanks everyone!



I don't think that this has been fixed yet. See this thread: Link


Jeff Douglas

Informa Plc



I have the same issue. I was hoping this would be fixed after Winter 11 release. But it still behaves the same.

Do anyone have an alternate solution?