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Creating Formula with Custom Fields - Error Received

I am trying to create a formula in the opportunities layout using customs fields, but keep receiving an error.


My custom fields are;


  • Full_value  (Currency)
  • Discount_percent (Percentage)
  • Discount_value (Currency)

Basically, I want the user to input the full sales value and the discount percentage, with the discount value field auto-calculating the reduced cost.


Whilst its probably not the best formula to use, I have input Full_Value__c *(1- Discount_Percent__c ) into the Discount_value formula editor box.  When I click the 'check syntax' button, I receive the following error message;


Error: Field Full_Value__c may not be used in this type of formula


I have tried creating a custom 'Formula' field, (which will accept the above formula,) but this doesn't appear on the opportunities page, (when I click 'create new opportunity.') - although, if I click onto the opportunities layout editor, it says that it is there.


My basic goal is that the sales person will enter a full sales value, then a discount percentage, and the discount value box will immediately calculate the reduced sales cost for the.  There are 10 different products that I would like to do this for.


Can anybody please help me out?


Thanks in advance



Steve :-/Steve :-/

Can you post a screenhot of your formula field from the formula field editor?


Hi Try below stuff.


Full_value (Currency)
Discount_percent (Percentage)
Discount_value (Formula Currency Type) .. Modify the field type from currency to formula field of currency type.


Discount value(Currency) = Full_value(1-Discount_percent)


Mark it as resolved, if it helps you.



That still doesnt work.  When ever i try to add a 'formula' type field, this field is invisible on the 'Add New Opportunity' layout.  This must be visible so that when the sales person is completing the page, they can see the accurate figures


Not sure how to paste screen shot as when i try in insert image, it asks for URL, it doesnt give me the option to upload?




Formula field will not be visible on edit of the record. However the same will be available in view mode.


Mark it as resolved if it helps you.





Thanks again for the comment.  Unfortunatley this wouldnt work for me.  As this formula would need to be repeated on 8 seperate oocassions through the 'add opportunity' page, i would need the formula field to show on the 'edit record' page.  The sales person must see that the formula is correctly calculating the discount value as they are completing the form.


Any more suggestions?