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Formula field Dependent on two pick list fields

Hello All,

I am trying to create a formula field of type text, which depends on two other picklist fields. For Example If picklist field "Timing__c" = "Thursday Readiness" and if other Picklist field "Result__c" is either "Empty", "Ready," "Major Work", "Minor Work" , then the formula field should show Yes, else it should show up as No.



IF (ISPICKVAL( Timing__c, "Thursday Readiness") & ISPICKVAL( Result__c , "") ) ,"Yes", "No")


Any Suggesstions?


Try something like below:

IF(AND(ISPICKVAL( Timing__c, "Thursday Readiness"), OR(ISPICKVAL( Result__c , ""), ISPICKVAL( Result__c , "Ready"),ISPICKVAL( Result__c , "Major Work"), ISPICKVAL( Result__c , "Minor Work"))), "Yes", "No")