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Why is this workflow not triggering?

I tried to create a workflow that changes the Opportunity Field: Stage to 'Deferred' if the opportunity is 180+ days old and the probability is >=5% and <=95%.... and it isn't updating the field Stage to 'Deferred'. This opportunity is 183 days old.


AND(ROUND((NOW() - CreatedDate),0)>180,Probability>5,Probability<=95)


Steve :-/Steve :-/

Remove the reference to the Created Date and Today and just use a straight WFR like this

Probability > 0.05 ,
Probability <= 0.95)


and add a Time-Dependant Action 180 Days after the Close Date.  Also Probability% is a (Percent 3,0) decimal datatype so you should use 0.05 and 0.95

Probability > 5 ,
Probability <= 95)


it's still not updating, and i am not even using the time dependent action anymore. i tried both sets of code (above and below)

Probability > 0.05 ,
Probability <= 0.95)



i am not sure what's wrong with it.. i've given up and just coded it in apex .... but i like workflows because then the peons can figure out how to change them

Steve :-/Steve :-/

Can you post your WFR and the Field Update Action?  How have you "tested" this? 


I have tested this by going in and clicking Edit / Save on the opportunity that should be triggering the workflow rule because according to a report it is 183 days old.


  2/26/2012 9:29 AM




Description	Defer 180 Day Opportunity
Rule Criteria	AND(Probability>0.05,Probability<=0.95)



Field Update Detail
Name	Change to Deferred	 	 
Unique Name	Change_to_Deferred	 	 
Description	Change to Deferred
Object	Opportunity	 	 
Field to Update	Opportunity: Stage
Field Data Type	Picklist
Re-evaluate Workflow Rules after Field Change	
New Field Value	Deferred



Name	Probability 5%	 	 
Unique Name	Probability_5	 	 
Description	Probability 5%
Object	Opportunity	 	 
Field to Update	Opportunity: Probability (%)
Field Data Type	Percent
Re-evaluate Workflow Rules after Field Change	
Formula Value	5








Workflow Actions
Immediate Workflow Actions
Type Description
Field UpdateChange to Deferred
Field Update

Probability 5%


Steve :-/Steve :-/

When is your WFR set to evaluate the criteria?


my WFR is set to run the workflow actions immediately. There is no time delay

Steve :-/Steve :-/

I mean "when is the WFR Criteria set to evaluate" not "when is the WF Action set to execute"

  • When a record is created, or when a record is edited and did not previously meet the rule criteria: Choose this option to include new records and updates to existing records, unless the rule just ran and still meets the rule criteria. The rule isn't re-triggered on edits that don't affect rule criteria. For example, if setting an opportunity rating to “Hot” causes the rule to run, with this option, the rule runs again only if the rating changes, then changes back to “Hot”—no matter how many times you edit the object.
  • Only when a record is created: Choose this option to ignore updates to existing records.
  • Every time a record is created or edited: Choose this option to include new records and updates to existing records and repeatedly trigger the rule, even if the record still meets the criteria.