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Number field

I have a problem with our address fields. When I have a number of for instance 15217, it changes to 15.217
This creates a problem with our postcode and address finder.
The custom field is 10-digits and it is a Data Type Number field. Can you help me? Is there a formula or something I can use?


Thanks. Regards Monique


When you create Number field or some other data type field

It will ask you next step  :  Length and Decimal places 

Based on that it will return the data....



Thank you

if it is helpful plz make it as solvable others it may benfit.


Hi Premanath,


Unfortunately that is not the solution. Length is set to 10 and decimal to 0. So that is not the solution. Any other ideas?


Hi Please Let me know what's your requirement

I don't think so .,,


send your problm with detail description..




Can you upload a screenshot of the edit screen of the custom field so we can see how you have the field setup?


From context I'm thinking you are not in the U.S., right? If so, I'm thinking that your hundreds separator is ".", and this is normal behavior for a number in a European locale.


As such, you want to output this five-digit number without any hundreds separators, yes? I would create a formula field:




which will convert the number to a text equivalent.


I also wonder why this is a number field at all, if you wanted to output it as a text string?


Good luck!


Hi John,


You are right, I am from the Netherlands. The problem is that the field is created as a number field and it is being used in apex classes, vf etc. So I tried to change and make it a text field but that gives all kinds of problems with coding.

Anyway, I contacted the developer who created this in the first place and he has solved it. So I am happy again;)

Thanks you all for trying to figure it out.


Regards Monique