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Karthik B.ax1475Karthik B.ax1475 

How can i calculate total

I have two field 


Quanity( Field type= Number)

Price(Field Type= Currency)


how can i calculateTotal(Field type=Currency)


When i try price__c.qua__c. It throws me "Error: Field price__c may not be used in this type of formula"


Can you please help me without changing field type.




Steve :-/Steve :-/

You'll need to either change the Datatype from Currency to Formula(Currency) and use a formula like this:

Price__c * Qua__c

 Or if you're on EE or UE you could use a Workflow Rule and use the same formula to update your Currency field.


Hi Karthik,


  The following steps will helpful to you,

Step-1 : Create a Numer field.

            Field label : Quanity , Field type : Number


Step-2 : Create a Currency field.

            Field label : Price, Field type : Currency


Step-3 : Create a Formula field and choose the retun type as a Currency.

            Field label : TotalField type : Formula

then add the Price__c * Quantity__c into the formula.Now when you save the record with quantity and price value, you will get the total in currency value.


I hope this will helpful to you.