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File attachment - Upload works; how to delete?

Hi all, 


After some poking and prodding, I've gotten file attachments to work. Files are associated with apprenticeships; here's the code that I'm using for the controller extension



public PageReference deletefile() {

PageReference pageRef = System.currentPageReference();

apprenticeshipId = pageRef.getParameters().get('id');

ctContactId = pageRef.getParameters().get('ctContactId');

url = '/apex/CTN_Apprenticeship';


fileId = System.currentPageReference().getParameters().get('fileId');

attachment = [select from Apprenticeship__c where = 'fileId'];

delete attachment;


urlstring = url + '?id=' + apprenticeshipId + '&ctContactId=' + ctContactId;

PageReference ref = new PageReference(urlstring); ref.setRedirect(true); return ref;






The question is about how users can remove files. How do I query the NotesAndAttachments child object? I've tried a bunch of things, but all seem to throw errors (and googling "NotesAndAttachments" only pulls up minimal results!).


Has anyone been through this? Does anyone have suggestions about what a simple query might look like that I could use to populate a deletefile() action, or point me toward a code snippet that might accomplish the same? Thanks so much!





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Man, im in the same, as in many sforce stuff... got few ideas to do it, but i think there must be a best approach


anyway...if u find something lemme know



Man, it wasn't my intention to post a solution, I'm stuck in the same thing...but somehow I messed with this and post a solution, if u can, open it again or delete my last post.

Maybe this gives some ideas. Mine is a custom object Member__c that stores image attachments. Each person can upload multiple pictures but only one of their images is displayed in the search. 



This is the query I have to display a search that shows each member's image: 



Public PageReference query() {
ccts = [SELECT createdDate, Name, (Select id From Member__c.Attachments)
 FROM Member__c 
 ORDER BY createdDate DESC limit 100 ] ;
 return null;


Shows the search for the first image only:


<apex:repeat value="{!Member__c.attachments}" var="attachment" rows="1" first="0">
   <img style="border: 1px black solid;" src="{!URLFOR($Action.Attachment.Download, attachment.Id)}" alt="" 	   width="100" height="100" id="img1"/>



If you were able to figure out how to delete these attachments though would you be able to show me what you've done? I know your post is from a year ago!




Attachments are accessed like any other standard SObject.  The schema is "Attachment" not "NotesAndAttachments".


So to delete all the Attachments on a row of your custom object:


Member__c m = [query to get your custom object (must have the ID to use delete)];

List<Attachment> a -= [select id from attachment where parentid =];


if(a.size() > 0){

   delete a;


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