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Save Button



I am having a standard salesforce page and a save button in it.


I want to do the following :-


a) raise a Popup window before the actual save is done with 'Continue' or 'Cancel' buttons in it.

b) Once continue is clicked it should save the record.


I tried using the saveurl, s-controls but not successful.





The only way you can do that right now is to make a custom edit Visualforce page.  You can't edit the Save button behavior.  SaveURL won't work because that gets called after the save is done.

What about creating a new button called 'Save' that would Execute some javascript, and remove the default one from the layout...


The code executed by the new button could look like:


var answer = confirm("Are you sure you want to Save that record?");
if (answer){
if(record exists) update
else insert

window.top.location = "{!URLFOR($Action.RecordType.View, RecordID)}";

Let me know.
You can't put custom buttons on an edit page, so that won't work either.
Arg... That is right...