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Is it possible via rule criteria...

If I have object with about 100 fields and I want to enter into workflow criteria

if any change made, except change for 4 specific fields.


Is it possible or I have to write a trigger?

Yes .Quite possible by workflow. You have to use ISCHANGED( ) function .But your problem is definitely tricky. Clarify your exact scenario to help you more.
Well did you talk about a error to be thrown when those 4 fields were changed ? If so then you have to use validation rules . Remember workflow and triggers are almost same thing(not completely) ,but validation is something totally different . Don't mix up those terms .
Hi, this is not validation rule.
And thanks, but I don't think it's reasonable in this case to use ISCHANGED, because I have more than 100 fields and the relavent obejct.

I have status field in the master object, and in case that any change done in one of it's child, I want to update the status in the master.
But if only specific 4 fields changed, I don't need to fire the workflow.

And in case of asking, if 2 fields changed- 1 need to fire the workflow and the second not, the workflow should run.
I think this will help you : NOT(isnew()) && ((NOT(ischanged( M__c )) || NOT(ischanged( N__c)))) M__c and N__c are two custom fields.You may add more custom fields accordingly. It was little hard to understand your requirement. This WF will work if you edit a record but not those 4 fields.But once done the Parent object status is set to 'CHANGED'(lets assume so).Then if you edit the record including those 4 field that Status value will still be 'CHANGED' because you havent wrote a WF rule to update Status field when a record is edited including those 4 fields . So i recommend you to create two WF rules ;one complementing other .