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Checkbox Update on other Object

I'm not sure how I can do this. I have a checkbox that I want to show up in another object. Should I create a new field in the 2nd Object and create a WFR to do a field update if the checkbox in the 1st object is checked then update the 2nd object? What would the formula be?


Or is there a way to do this with setting up the new field in the 2nd Object? Like Master-detail relationship?



You cannot import a field of one object to another object. Easiest way to achieve this using a WF rule for both TRUE and FALSE value of checkbox .

What is the relationship between the two objects? I am assuming they are related right? Are we talking Account and Contact or what?


Does it HAVE to be a checkbox? Assuming they have a master-detail relationship, you can create a formula field on the child object with NUMBER output. Then use a formula such as:


IF(Master_Checkbox__c, 1, 0)

 With checkbox fields, the logic in a formula does not need to be established. It either IS or IS NOT which is why I dont use something like Master_Checkbox__c = TRUE. So the formula populates a 1 in your custom child object field if the checkbox on the master object is checked and populates a 0 if it is unchecked. And since it is a formula, no action is required for the field to be populated (which is required for a workflow rule). You could also make this formula field TEXT output and change 1 and 0 to True and False or Yes and No or whatever.


If you must have a checkbox, then yes, you will need a workflow rule on the child object that:


Run Criteria: created, and every time its edited

Evaluation Criteria: MasterObject: Master Checkbox equals True


Workflow action: Field Update

Field to Update: Child_Checkbox__c

Value to update: Checked


NOTE: If you choose to do a workflow, it only fires when the CHILD object is created or edited. If you have a master record with an existing child record and both have the field unchecked, when you edit the master record and check the box, this will NOT fire the rule to check the box on the child record. You would have to make an edit on the child record in order to fire the workflow rule and check the box. So the master record checkbox would have to be already checked when the child record is created or is edited in order for the rule to fire.