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How to set the Field value to owner name

i created a custom object with name Meeting Master in this i have to create a custom formula text field value of this custom field hould be name of owner of this record i select formula then field type to text after that when formula window come 

then i write OwnerId its a correct field but when i write Owner.name it is saying owner is not a valid field??please tell the formula how to set value of formula field to owner name??


Hi Ritesh,

                 use this formula    $User.FirstName + $User.LastName





u mean $User represents Owner?? and when the owner of the record object changes then this formula value also changed or we have to write a trigger for that??

Shailesh DeshpandeShailesh Deshpande
The attributes of Owner are not available in formulas except OwnerId. You cant get the name using formulas. But as an alternative, you could create a lookup field to user object. Wrtite a workflow rule field update that will copy the OwnerId to this lookup field.

$user.firstName + $user.lastName will give you the name of currently logged in user, not the owner.
Create the custom lookup field to User and don't display on layouts.
Populate this new Custom field using workflow by assigning OwnerId. And finally use the custom field to populate the Name field.

Srikanth. K
Subha ASubha A
If the owner is the one who created the case then you can create a formula field using CreatedBy.FirstName....

Trigger will solve it.