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Custom fields based on product family or product

Is there a way to associate a group of custom fields to a product family or to a  specific product so that those fields display for that product/product type only and not the other product/product types?


Have you looked into Product Record Types? I think that would do the trick.

Thanks Jakester. I haven't seen product record types in the user manual but I will certainly look into it.


Thank you.

Record types are on page 547 of the manual. I only mention this because I think it's a little insane that the manual is over 2200 pages long. Crazy! Good luck!

Hi Jakester,


Can a record have more than one record type?




You can have multiple record types, but each record must belong to a single record type.

Okay, so the product record type won't work for me. Basically, I have a series of products. Each product category has different field requirements.




Product Category 1:

Conference Ticket


Custom Fields:

Attendee Type, Confirmation Number, participated (yes/no)


Product Category 2:



Custom Fields:

Subscription Term, Auto-Renew (yes/no), Subscription Start Date, Subscription End-Date


So, for example, if I am adding a Subscription product to an opportunity the custom fields for the conference category are completely irrelevant. 


Ideally, the user shouldn't see those fields as options if a product in the Subscription category has been selected.


I don't know, I feel like this is a basic need so I don't know if I am approaching the wrong way or if it is just out of the scope of SF without massive customization.



I was wondering if the community had any further thoughts on this issue?
I've been meaning to check into this before suggesting it, but you might be able to add a custom object that's a child of Product called Category. Then you could add unlimited Categories to each Product, and they could (although you couldn't enforce this with validation rules, only business rules) only be of the types that would make sense
Thanks Jakester. I will look into this and post back with an update in a few days. NC