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Help with a Lead/Sale Formula

I have been tasked to calculate how many eads it takes to win a sale. (e.g. we need to generate 200 leads to
get 1 sale). I would appreciate any help.

That is a difficult one.  We have been struggeling with the same issue.  Your best bet is to utilize campaigns and associate your oppty's with them.  At least you will be able to see leads per oppty (closed won and total) for a given campaign, and run averages for campaign types.
Steve :-/Steve :-/

You can also run a "Lead with Converted Lead Information" Report this will give you a nice quick&dirty breakdown of:


Total Leads

Lead Status (open, unread by owner, converted, etc.)

Opportunities Created from Leads

Opportunity Pipeline (open) from Leads

Opportunity Wins from Leads

To add to the difficulty, we do not have the Campaigns tab as we use the Marketo lead nurturing system (AppExchangeE). I suspect Marketo may have this within their reporting capability (which we are exploring); however, we wanted to be able to track it within Salesforce too. I appreciate your feedback.