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Lock fields for all profiles except for specific profiles

I have fields that need to be locked after certian status's have been reached. I want to lock the fields for all profiles except for two, System Admin and Direct Sales Sys Manager. I created the validation rule below, but it's not working properly for the listed profiles.


Could I get someone's expert input?


ISCHANGED ( Credit_card_number__c) &&
OR (ISPICKVAL ( PRIORVALUE ( IO_Status__c) , "IO Signed" ),
ISPICKVAL ( PRIORVALUE ( IO_Status__c) , "Payment Processed" )) &&
$Profile.Name <> "System Administrator, Direct Sales System Management"




Amber NeillAmber Neill

I'm pretty sure you have to use the Profile's ID instead of the name.  Try that and let me know if it still isn't working.

Good luck!

Steve :-/Steve :-/

I have an exemption formula on our SFDC Org that allows certain users to create opportunities without assigning Primary Contacts.  You might be able to hack this up and use it for what you want.



IF(AND(Probability >= 0.50,
NOT( $Profile.Name = "System Administrator"),
NOT( $Profile.Name = "CSDS Executive Support"),
NOT( $Profile.Name = "Executive Support"),
NOT( $RecordType.Name = "Bundle Sales Opportunity") ),1,0)


 Also, you might want to think about using Record Types and Page Layouts to lock down access to the fields based on User Profile.


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