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Comments in Formula fields?

Is there a way to put comments into a formula field in Salesforce?  Only reason I'm asking is that we do a lot of testing in Salesforce and at time we need to comment out parts of the formula to troubleshoot it.  It gets annoying cutting and pasting parts of the formula field into notepad in case it's not the formula that's giving us issues.



As far as I know there is no in-code commenting.  I've asked this question as well.  The best solution would be to copy/paste the code into the description box and above and comment there.
If you want comments (aka Description) in formula fields please vote this idea up -->
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Nabil Zeghache 3Nabil Zeghache 3
I know the question is old, but people may find the question (with no answer yet) as they search on the internet.
This is possible by using the /* some comment */ syntax inside the formula field.
Pavithra Venkategowda 1Pavithra Venkategowda 1
I am not able to use the /* ...*/ to comment in the formula field.  When I use it and save the formula field, I get an error "Syntax error. Found 'end of formula".  Can somebody help me here?
/* comment */ works fine for me
make sure your formula saves without the comments, then you should be able to add a comment without issue.