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Jeff BloomerJeff Bloomer 

Formula for Opportunity Team Member Name

There are times that Salesforce.com really frustrates me!!  You would think that it would be easy to just add a text formula custom field that would allow you to populate it with the Full Name of an Opportunity Team Member.  What kind of gyrations to I have to get to a field that should otherwise be available for me to access through a standard database relationship.  This is where having the ability to do a SOQL select query in a formula field would really come in handy.  Come on Salesforce developers.  What happened to common sense?!?

Jeff, why not write a trigger?
Will CraigWill Craig

Only 3 years late!

With alot of those little child objects - you can just write out the formula - but it won't appear in the options when doing insert field. 

For example 

User.UserRole.name works when making  a formula on the team member for example. I've done similar with opportunity splits.