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Problem with Hyper link

Hi All,


I am facing the below error when i am using this hyperlink ,any one can please suggest me the solution ,it would be great appericated



Thanks in Advance




Error: Syntax error. Missing ')'


HYPERLINK("https://www.sunpowersupport.com/Stringsizer/flashDataReport?salesOrder="&ORDER_NUMBER__c &"&sessionid=" &$Api.Session_ID&"serverurl="https://c.cs3.visual.force.com/services/Soap/c/15.0/00D80000000ZF1L, "Get Flash Data Report","_blank")





Try solving it through this ..

HYPERLINK("https://www.sunpowersupport.com/Stringsizer/flashDataReport?salesOrder=" & ORDER_NUMBER__c & "sessionid=" &Api.Session_ID, "Get Flash Data Report","_blank")

that error was coming due to the server url ..

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Shannon HaleShannon Hale

You're missing a double-quote at the end of the serverurl string, so the remainder of the formula is not being parsed correctly.


You probably also need to use "&serverurl=...", if it's being passed in as a query string parameter.

Madhan Raja MMadhan Raja M

Try this:


HYPERLINK("https://www.sunpowersupport.com/Stringsizer/flashDataReport?salesOrder="&ORDER_NUMBER__c&"&sessionid="&$Api.Session_ID&"serverurl=https://c.cs3.visual.force.com/services/Soap/c/15.0/00D80000000ZF1L","Get Flash Data Report",



Madhan Raja M