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formula field to multiply for multi select pick list which is of curreny data type


Can any one please help me in creating a new formula using multi select picklist which is of currrency data type.

I created an object named as book(which is of multi select picklist), and try to calclulate the cost of book

if a user selects say 2 books, it should multiply the cost of 2 books and return the value in currency.

Please help.


Can you be a lil more specific on the design you have.


What I am getting is.....

You hv an obj - BOOK where there are list of books in Multi-Select DT. 

Eg: A person can select from the list avail - Lets say 2.


Next Q is where does the cost come from, as the cost either has to be standard for all the books and different. If its std cost then its very simple to calc..


This Case is assuming that the user can buy only 1 Qty/Book. 


Lemme kno..




Thanks for ur quick repsonse.


I created a multi pick lsit value object book, where a user is able to select more than a single book. I created a formula field a to calculate cost of the book based on the book selected.

The above case is to populate cost for a single book ;


Similarly suppose if a user select 3 books from multi pick list option, my formula should calculate total cost of 3 books; which im finding difficult to do using mult pick list value


Im bit new to development and SFDC so takes time to understand




Can you tell me where the cost of the book is present.

Can you state an example.


Like : MULPIC has list of 3 books - Bk1, Bk2, Bk3. So where are the values-COST of Bk1-3 stored.?

Is it like MULPIC has list of 3 books with Prices - Bk1--5, Bk2--10, Bk3--20 --- ? 


And also let me know if the MULPIC will have standard set of values like 10 books / it will vary VERY RARE / VERY OFTEN..


Need all these to hv a good soln.


As I am still unclear with the Design you are using.


Don't worry communities are for gaining knowledge. Even I am still learning..


Hey T-Han, I just opened a lemonade stand and I too am using salesforce for my POS.  So if I sell 30 different kinds of lemonade, how would I calculate that with a multi-select picklist?  The customers are stacking up and I don't know what to charge.  :(


I'm assuming that opportunities and products are off the table for some reason in this discussion.  Using multi-select picklists for almost anything is an effing pain because you have to use the INCLUDES(picklist_field,picklist_value) for every IF statement to determine if you should add that to your total.  So the code would look something like:


IF(INCLUDES(Book__c,"Harry Potter"),29.95,0)+

IF(INCLUDES(Book__c,"To Kill A Mockingbird"),24.95,0)+

IF(INCLUDES(Book__c,"The Stranger"),17.50,0)+

IF(INCLUDES(Book__c,"I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings"),27.95,0)+

IF(INCLUDES(Book__c,"The Pillars of the Earth"),39.95,0)+

IF(INCLUDES(Book__c,"Clan of the Cave Bear"),34.95,0)


And so on.  But since formula fields are limited to 5,000 characters, you run out of things you can sell pretty fast.  Best thing to do is either use products, or if you're making your own custom app, make 3 objects, a master and a detail (Invoice and Line Item) and a separate object containing all your products, and then just add line iterm (related records) under the parent (invoice) by using a lookup on the line item to the product record, which would populate its product price for the line item once the record saves via workflow.  A tiny bit more work, but way more scalable.  Otherwise, you can do the solution above, it's just not a very scalable one is all.