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user can get the records of admin in look up. plz help me out

can u help here 

i have created two objects drug and pharma details 
i had master relation field in pharma with drug 
this all done in profile syste admin 

now my prob is i assign a user with profile standard user 
now in his org whn trying to enter details in pharma details object the drug field (master relation field) not showing the records (drugs entered by system admin) 
i need the lookup with the records of admin 

can u help me out 

i used permissin sets.. sharing rules .. etc but not yet solved

plz check the sharing setting of the master object.

changed sharing settings also but not yet solved


Question here is that what is the role of the User who owns the Drug/Pharma data? What data a user gets to see, does not depend upon his profile, it actually depends upon his role and the underlying sharing rules.

In your case, what you need to check is the User role of the Pharma/Drug data owner. If the Standard Users have access to this user's data by virtue of the Role Hierarchy and Sharing rules (which I think is the problem here), then these standard users will be able to see the Pharma/Drug records.


Check and let me know how it goes!


here records owned by system admin (Ceo, in salesforce licen) and the user is standard user (marketing team, salesforce licen)


i shared rules in CEO(system admin) that drug object records to be shared with marketing team....... not worked..


i tried by cloning profile standard user and gave acess to all objects and records... not yet worked


plz help me out


Outside the context of the lookup, can the non-admin user see the "drug" records? Can they navigate to a detail page for on of those records?


That would be a good place to start.