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How to create a HyperLink Formula on thr phone

How to create a HyperLink Formula on thr phone which will call my genric visual force page


Thanks in advance


You have to create that using a formula field. Use that field for calling.


You have to use the following formula for the formula field:-


HYPERLINK(url, friendly_name [, target])


url- URL of your visual force page


Friendly Name- any text you show say Call - Phone number   "Call"+ phone__c


The target parameter is optional. If you do not specify a target, the link opens in a new browser window. Some common target parameters are:

Displays link in a new unnamed window.
Displays link in the same frame or window as the element that refers to it.
Displays link in the immediate frameset parent of the current frame. This value is the same as _self if the current frame has no parent.
Displays link in the full original window, cancelling any other frames. This value is the same as _self if the current frame has no parent.

HYPERLINK("00U/e?retURL=%2F006x0000001T8Om&what_id=" & Id, "Create Event")


Also I found an example which may be of interest to you:-


Phone Dialer

HYPERLINK("http://servername/call?id=" & Id & "&phone=" & Phone, Phone)creates a linkable phone number field that automatically dials the phone number when clicked. In this example, replace "servername" and "call"

with the name of your dialing tool and the command it uses to dial. The merge field, Id, inserts the identifier for the contact, lead, or account record. The first Phone merge field tells the dialing tool what number to call and the last Phone merge field uses the value of the Phone field as the linkable text the user clicks to dial.


Did this answer your question? If not, let me know what didn't work, or if so, please mark it solved.


Could you please tell me the syntax to call my visual force page (say after clicking the number?


i Have tried like this but it is not calling my visual force page.

HYPERLINK("/apex/DialMerchant?id=" & Id & "&phone=" & Phone, Phone)


Also i want to pass phone parameter to controller , If i apply this logic on all the objects then how will i know from which object i am getting phone number?


try this formula

HYPERLINK('/apex/DialMerchant?id=' & Id &'&phone='&Phone,Phone)


this will result following url

and You can see 4545454 on record with hyperlink

hope this will help you out