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@future governor limits

The documentation for the @future annotation says "No more than 200 method calls per Salesforce.com license per 24 hours".


I've seen this in the past, and after skimming, took away that the limit was 200 calls per [i]organization[/i]. Now that I need to use it and I read it more carefully, I understand that it's per [i]user[/i]. Is this correct?


Also, does this mean only 200 @future method calls per day [i]total[/i], or 200 per method per day? For instance, if I had two @future methods, could each of them be called 200 times per day, or is it 200 times total for both?




According to the docs, it is "200 method calls per Salesforce.com license per 24 hours". Therefore if you have 2 users and 2 @future methods you could do follow per 24 hours:



  • Call method A 100 times and method B 300 times
  • Call method A 200 times and method B 200 times
  • etc.... 
It's also a moving 24 hours period and not a set time per day.
Hope this helps.
Jeff Douglas
Appirio, Inc.