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Contact After Update Trigger Not Firing When Contact's Email is Updated

There is a special contact email edit screen that only appears in certain circumstances. For example, in a salesforce send email screen, you try to send an email to a contact ("To:") that has no email address on its record and then click on the link that appears below the error message, enter the email on the edit screen, and hit one of the save buttons.  I'm told it also may appear in certain bounced email situations.


This edit screen apparently bypasses the After Update Trigger on Contact!  As you might imagine, a contact record being updated without a contact record update trigger being fired might be a problem.


Could I get confirmation that others are experiencing this same behavior on their org and agreement that indeed contact edit screens even special one-field edit screens should always fire an after update trigger when saving the record and therefore it's a bug?


Getting SalesForce support to admit to a bug in my experiences is always like pulling teeth.  When they say it isn't a bug, I'd like to be able to say the developer forums agree that after update triggers should fire when a record is updated.  When they say it's my fault, I'd also like to be able to say we agree that since the trigger isn't being executed at all in those circumstances, it can't be an Apex coding error in my trigger.



Confirmed; the popup fails to run before triggers as well.





trigger CountChanges on Contact (before insert, before update) { for(Contact if(c.Modification_Count__c==null) c.Modification_Count__c=0; else c.Modification_Count__c=c.Modification_Count__c+1; }


A custom field called "Modification Count" keeps track of the number of times the contact has been modified (I contrived this example for this post). Afterwards, creating a new contact record with only minimal information (without an email), results in this field being set to 0. Choose Send an Email, select a template, try to send, click the "edit email address" link, enter a new address, and click Save and Send Email. When the contact reappears, the value will then be 0... still. Obviously, the trigger did not fire, even though the Last Modified Date/Time was updated, suggesting that an update occurred.


If you haven't already, I'd open a case on this...