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Implementing Search

I need to search two dependent objects and display the list of results in the view.


i.e., I have Customer as one object and the other as Account.


1. I need to pull all the customers with last name = xxyyzz with thier account number.


Please Help me, its urgent.






Is customer a realated object to account? or did you rename contact to customer.

Here is the contact example:


Contact[] contacts = [select Account.AccountNumber, LastName from Contact where LastName = 'xyz'];






  • Searches for Leads, Contacts and Accounts that match
  • Allows you to enter new Leads, Contacts or Accounts
  • Allows you to locate matching records and link to them


Prevent duplicate record by searching first for new leads, contacts and accounts before entering them into the system. Quickly type in a name and/or company name and see all the objects that match, before creating a new record. After installing this package, simply add the new "Customer Search" Tab to one or more of you application tab sets.