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How to write action handler

Hi All,


i got stuck writing an action handler.


I have some custom components and a visual for page , below is my code


<apex:page contentType="text/xml" showHeader="false" controller="DialMerchant">
    <Say>Hello, The number you have reached is in service and dialing merchant</Say>
        <Dial record="true" action="http://abcd-developer-edition.na7.force.com/Status">{!$CurrentPage.parameters.Called}</Dial>


when this page is called it palays the message in <Say> and Dial the number mentioned in {!$CurrentPage.parameters.Called}.

Now after the call completes according to the telephonic developer they send the Status of call on the Action element specified in Dial Component which could be a Absolute or relative URL.


But it seems my vf page Status is never called.


how can i make sure if i am getting any POST request on the URL ( how to print debug or POST request as i have tried to put some debug in controller and never called).


Any comments will much appricieated.


Thanks in Advance


You can specify an action attribute on the apex:page tag in your Status page, which is a method to be invoked before the page is rendered.


In this action method you could write some information out using System.debug - you'd need to turn on debugging for the user they are connecting as.


I'd be inclined to ask the developers for an example of how they are calling the url, so that you could try it from a browser and see exactly what is happening.

HI Bob, Thanks for your reply , Actually i have already tried in the page, below id my page But it seems they are executing the page , they just appending the POST parameter to Page without executing it. Any idea how can i retrieve that parameters from VF page