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Connection timeout issue while connecting to web services API



We are facing the issue while connecting to web services API  through java program with the following URL.



Connected to SF with the URL: https://na1-api.salesforce.com/services/Soap/c/18.0/00D30000000eOvr/0DF300000008fAD


sometimes, it is connecting fine, and sometimes it is disconnecting. We found some inconsistancy while connecting to salesforce.


We are getting axis Fault exception : Connection Timed Out.


Can you please Help on this.







Are you executing from a server or your pc?

I have experienced some very random timeouts, but never often. I dont think its a salesforce side problem, otherwise a whole lotta people (including me) would be worried :P.


If you are running that in a server try opening a ticket with your support , or if you are the manager/owner try tracerouting to that url see how much LAG it has (how much MS in ping).


Other than this i can't think of a way to check it ,