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Flow Designer Phone Field ? Please Add Phone Field Type

EE: I'm getting familiar with Flows... For the most part I'm quite pleased with this tool. But one thing has me puzzled.


I can put Text Fields/ Number Fields, Date Fields, etc. but I cannot put a Phone Number Field.


The obvious workaround is to provide a Text Field, labeled Phone...


One key feature of having input fields is to update/create records in SF. Within SF objects are field types referred to as "Phone" fields, which do a nice job of consistently formatting phone number fields. The problem (if not already obvious) is that using a Text Field (that doesn't perform the formatting) allows user to input the value, in a none formatted way (like 8001234567 or 888-123-4567, etc.) And apparently the incoming data to the record bypasses the formatting protocol and is written into the record unformatted. As you can imagine this is disconcerting...


Ideally, it would be nice if a Phone Field type was added to the Flow Palate, that followed the (seemingly) global phone formatting protocol


For now I'm having to place a REGEX to confirm the user keys in using the correct format (* which is also a concern, because the SF Protocol puts a space following ")", whereas a user would never think to do that) As a data integrity freak this technicality if quite frustrating, but not disastrous, The larger issue is for users accustom to entering straight 10 digits having the formatting done automatically, Asking them to utilize old methods of formatting the information on the fly... Again not the end of the world, but listening to users bitch about it make me long for Armageddon.

Bryn JonesBryn Jones
Salesforce automatically puts Phone Numbers in (###) ###-#### format in accounts, and contacts even when entered ##########.