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How to calculate average on Roll up field

I have a custo object  Business. and i have a field  'Amount' on this object. On Account i want to display average of this  'Amount' field. I have created a Roll Up on Account but it was giving only Count , SUM,MIN,MAX. Then How to calculate Average? for this


You need to create two rollup fields one for SUM and other for COUNT after that create a formula field in which divide the SUM rollup field to COUNt rollup field.



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Thanks Puja and Tillu
Suraj Tripathi 47Suraj Tripathi 47
Hi Tillu,

Step 1 : You need to create two rollup fields one for SUM 
Step 2 : For COUNT after that create a formula field in which divide the SUM rollup field to count 
rollup field.

Open the link for more information:- 


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Thank you!


Suraj Tripathi  
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Chaitanya WalukarChaitanya Walukar
create a two roll up summary field one for SUM it will give you back sum of total amount of all child records (if u havn't applied any filter/logi on the child records) then create 2nd roll up summary filed with Count() function it will give u back the total number of child records you have.  and now we already know the formula for calculation of Average (that is sum of amount/total no. of records in child obj (in your case) )   and now just create formule filed inside it derive the value by dividing the SUM() field by Count() filed thats it.

or you can write a trigger where u have to write a query for it. but point and click tools is good approch in this case.
Bram RockBram Rock
A roll-up summary is a field that calculates values from related records. For example, you (https://londoncarsrecovery.co.uk/) can calculate the average number of closed opportunities, or the average amount of closed opportunities, or the SUM, MIN, MAX number.
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Thank you, was looking for it everywhere and look where I found it.
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Refer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6lI_ZO4SmE
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