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How to establish connection between salesforce and external application

HI every one, 


My requirement is,  I need to establish connection between salesforce to external application. I need to send custom object's data of salesfoce to a external application as a xml. 


  I am new to the salesforce and learning now. I searched for a long time but unable to find any information.



Please help me,


Thanks in advance 




Just to give my thought :


1. Transfering Data from your custom application to Salesforce can be done using Web Services provided by Salesforce. You can use any language to invoke existing Web Services. If real time integration is not needed, then you can use import wizard or Apex DataLoader to import this data in salesforce.


2. Transfering data from salesforce to your custom application -

Export data from salesforce and import it in your application.


Regarding your requirements:

You can export data from salesforce in CSV format. Write a program which will read CSV and generate XML :)




HI Ganesh,


   Thanks a lot for the reply.


As I am new to salesforce and apex, Can you please provide me some help files or sites for this particular requirement.


I saw general documents on apex in salesforce site, bit I did not find the suitable help.



And can you please tell me how to establish connection between sales force and 3 rd party application.I need to send   data from salesforce to 3 rd party application.


Thanks in advance,



Hi Naresh,


I'm still not clear with your requirement. You want to send some data from salesforce.com to 3rd party application.

Does this data need to be send at real time? Like if new lead is created then immediately contents for newly created Lead record need to be sent to your 3rd Party application? If not then you can use export wizard to export this data and then use it in your application.


Just post some more details like what exactly you want to do. I will definitely share some code/salesforce help links to you.








HI ganesh,


   Thanks a lot for immediate reply.


   My requirement is:I need to send data from salesforce to 3 rd party application in real time. My actual requirement is I need to develop a payment processing module.


Module requirements: When user submits the payment, I need to send this data to third party application(Our client has his own API to process the payment)as a XML. The third party application process the payment and sends a response whether it is success or failure.


How to establish connection between salesforce and my third party application.How to send data from salesforce to my application.


 I did not find any information related to this in the internet.


Thanks in advance,





As per my understanding you are goin to send some to date to third party application API.here techincally u are going top use another application API.



Call that third party API method in apex.using  apex http class send the values get the response.It is simple follow webserveice integration document .


HI ganesh,


    Can you please give the approach to my requirement. If you provide some code that will be a great help for me.