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Headbanging against the wall

I am trying to deploy and get these errors. What is going on?

Any help is highly appreciated.



!SESSION 2009-10-02 09:09:17.515 ------------------------------

java.vendor=Sun Microsystems Inc.
BootLoader constants: OS=win32, ARCH=x86, WS=win32, NL=nl_NL
Command-line arguments:  -os win32 -ws win32 -arch x86

!ENTRY com.salesforce.ide.core 2 0 2009-10-02 09:09:22.921
!MESSAGE  WARN [2009-10-02 09:09:22,921] (ProxyManager.java:init:49) - No proxy bundle found - default proxy service will be initialized

!ENTRY com.salesforce.ide.core 2 0 2009-10-02 09:15:28.921
!MESSAGE  WARN [2009-10-02 09:15:28,921] (BasePackageService.java:waitForResult:146) - Deploy or retrieve operation to 'eu0-api.salesforce.com' failed: UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION: An error occurred on your page. (UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION)

!ENTRY com.salesforce.ide.core 2 0 2009-10-02 09:15:28.937
!MESSAGE  WARN [2009-10-02 09:15:28,921] (PackageDeployService.java:deployWork:328) - Unable to retrieve components: ServiceException: UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION: An error occurred on your page. (UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION)

!ENTRY com.salesforce.ide.core 4 0 2009-10-02 09:15:28.937
!MESSAGE ERROR [2009-10-02 09:15:28,937] (BuilderController.java:handleException:134) - Unable to perform save on all files.

com.salesforce.ide.core.services.DeployException: com.salesforce.ide.core.services.ServiceException: UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION: An error occurred on your page. (UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION)
    at com.salesforce.ide.core.services.PackageDeployService.deployWork(PackageDeployService.java:329)
    at com.salesforce.ide.core.services.PackageDeployService.deploy(PackageDeployService.java:160)
some 50 more
Message Edited by smeeh on 10-02-2009 04:49 AM

Had the same problem this week, my one was caused by a missing VF Page in the production site. If your code contains code like this:


PageReference myVFPage = Page.myVFPage;

 just create new empty pages (no controllers) with the name you need in your classes and try to deploy again.





thanks a lot: I own you a couple of beers