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Absolute Value of a Decimal Equation

I have a trigger using a variable that is the value of an equation that I need to get the absolute value of.  I can't seem to get the code to compile.  Here's the error I get and my code:


Error: Compile Error: Method does not exist or incorrect signature: ABS(Double) at line 32 column 32



Decimal DiscountDiff1 = null; Decimal DiscountDiff2 = null; Opportunity O = [select Id, Discount_Rollup__c, Max_Discount__c, Discount_Approved__c, SA_Discount__c, Account.Strategic_Account_Designation__c from Opportunity where Id = :OLI.OpportunityId LIMIT 1]; DiscountDiff1 = ABS (OLI.Discount__c - O.SA_Discount__c); DiscountDiff2 = ABS (O.SA_Discount__c - OLI.Discount__c);


OLI.Discount__c  & O.SA_Discount__c are both decimal (percent) fields.




Any help would be appreciated!

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You have to use Math.abs() or Math.ABS() not just ABS.

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You have to use Math.abs() or Math.ABS() not just ABS.
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Try changing your code to this:


DiscountDiff1 = (OLI.Discount__c - O.SA_Discount__c).abs();
DiscountDiff2 = (O.SA_Discount__c - OLI.Discount__c).abs();


The abs function has to be called against an instance of an decimal.  It isn't a static function.