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override standard field label

Is it possible to override standard field labels and make standard fields not required on page layouts?  For example, can the Opportunity Close Date field label be modified and not required?




You can't override standard field labels via page layouts. You can change the standard field labels, but they will have the same value across all page layouts.


You can't make the Opportunity Close Date not required, as it is a required field on the sobject rather than the page layout and that can't be changed.  


If a field is not required at the sobject level, you can remove it from the page layout.  The Private checkbox, for example, is a standard field that we aren't using, so we've removed it from the layout.


I'm looking in a client's org and the standard field "Close Date" on the opportunity object has been changed to "Rollout Date".  There is no hint of "Close Date" anywhere even in reports and there is no custom field called "Rollout Date".  So, somehow, the label for "Close Date" was changed to "Rollout Date" and the required field status was removed.  I was told that this can be accomplished programmatically, but if so, how?  I'm beginning to think this must have been a special request that Salesforce has to implement internally and is not changeable externally?


Are you aware of anything like this?


You can change Close Date to Rollout Date simply by changing the label on the field.  


I don't know how you'd make it not required though - I'd also be interested to know how this has been done. 



My bad - you can't simply change the label on the close date field, only the description is editable.

As you pointed out, it isn't possible to configure those changes and I don't know there is a way to do it programmatically.  So, I can only guess this was a special request and Salesforce made the change internally within their system.  I can see this field on reports and workflow criteria.  The change was propagated throughout Salesforce.


Maybe a Salesforce representative can chime in on this and provide an answer.


I did discover how to change a standard field label.  Here are the steps:


Setup\Customize\Tab Names and Labels\Rename Tabs and Labels\Edit … Opportunity … Next … {Field Labels} … Save


I still have not figured out how to remove the required field status for a standard field.

Thanks for the info. If you find out anything about the required status, I'd also be interested in knowing how that's done.

Thank you guys so much for this thread.  I'm a consultant working on an implementation of SF that I didn't set up and at some point someone changed a handful of field labels then created custom fields with the same labels.  SO confusing and horrifyingly messy!  But I'd also be interested in hearing whether anyone figured out how to override the required status for some standard fields.


Took me awhile to find how to change the field labels. Clicking the small next button was the secret. Maybe clicking the next button to access field labels could be removed by sf to make it a bit easier.


However: This only works on standard objects. How do I change the standard field labels on custom objects?


Thank you for the solution.  Very helpful.




Custom objects do not have "translations" because all fields can be renamed (unless they happen to be Managed). To rename the "Name" field, edit the custom object itself. To modify a field's label, go to the custom object's detail page and modify the field directly.

Varun YagainVarun Yagain

Hello All,


[1] I've been able to rename the standard field label and the change is visible on the SFDC pagelayout. However, the same change is not visible on the visual force pages! Anyone else facing this issue?


[2] Getting the field label for the "Name" field in the contact object returns me the string "Full Name". This is some label I can't spot configured anywhere in the org. Any clues, anyone?


Thanks in advance!


In Visualforce, you have to use the describe call to get the name of the object. For example, the name of the contact object is this:



You probably tried to do this:



Which would indeed return "Full Name." I'm not entirely certain you can rename the Name field, as it is a composite field. You can, of course, change FirstName and LastName.

Varun YagainVarun Yagain

Thanks SFDCFOX. But I'm afraid this isn't what I'm looking for. I do want the label corresponding to the composite field "Name". I only wonder why "Full Name" is being written. It is something I don't see in the SFDC org.


It doesn't stop at that. I understand that I can customize FirstName and LastName. But such customizations are visible only in SFDC org but not on customer portal. I can't find any documentation regarding this. Anything you might know about?





go to YourName->App setup-> customize->Tab Names and Labels-> Rename Tabs and Labels.

There you can get change standard field Label option for both Standard & Custom Objects...


Seems to work for standard objects but not for custom objects. For custom objects it only allows changing the tab name - I don't see the all-important 'Next' button. I'd like to change the label for a standard field in a custom object (Owner, in this case).


Thank you for posting the "secret" I was going crazy trying to understand how a standard field label had been customized and where!! 

I know this is an older thread, but I'm seeing all fields except the one I want to change - 'Company (Account)' CompanyOrAccount. It's a standard field on the Campaign Member object.

I go through 'Rename Tabs and Labels' in the setup menu and click on 'Campaigns', then next. I am displayed a list of field on both the Campaign and Campaign Member, but no CompanyOrAccount field. Is this just not supported for this field or am I missing something?