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Need Relationship between campaign and Opportunities.



I have a requirement like I need to group all the opportunities assigned to the campaign based on the stage field of the opportunity. I need to filter the campaigns based on some custom fields like product and Region. How an we join these two objects to get my requirement.

Its urgent...

Please post the solution if any body knows......






Are you looking to create a report or use this in some code?  I'm assuming you want to only get the opportunities where Primary Campaign Source = Desired Campaign, not Campaign Influence.


There's already a direct join between campaign & oppty (primary campaign source is a lookup to Campaign) so you can either use standard oppty reports or create a custom report type with Opportunity where you add Campaign.


Then you can filter by campaign fields and group by Campaign Name.


Thanks for the reply John,


I am trying to generate a dashboard report.  I know there is a direct relationship between opportunity and campaign but while creating the custom report type the Object relationship is not showing the lookup campaign object if I select Opportunity as the primary object. I tried the other way also by selecting Campaign as primary object and I found the same result.I am unable to get the campaign fields to make my report.


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Sorry for the delay - I must have missed this email.  For the Custom Report Type, you can create this:


Opportunity-->Contact Role-->Campaign History 




Campaign--> Contacts-->Opportunities


Both should let you show all campaign fields.


Hi John


I have a question - my marketing team has asked me to create a mandatory contact look up field on opportunity to track if the contact was marketing influenced or not.


I do not agree with the above process because as you know Sales will resist this change.


As i am doing research I am seeing that opportunities can be tagged with campaigns but Sales team will not know about all the campaign.


I was wondering if you could help me with this situation.





Hey Mayank - I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to do.  


Are you saying you want a custom lookup field to Campaign on Opportunity to track one campaign if a contact associated with the opportunity has been influenced by that campaign?


Primary Campaign Source already does this if you only want 1 campaign per opportunity.  The campaign influence feature solves the many to many scenario where you have several contacts associated with an opportunity and each of those may have several campaigns that influenced those contacts.