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Moving newly created app to another dev org using Eclipse

I am trying to move a new app we created to our partner/de org (since we are only allowed 1 manage app in our dev org.  I pulled only the objects, pages, and classes used by the new application using Eclipse.  I then tried to push them to the new partner org.  I could not successfully push the pages or classes.  I tried just pushing the objects, and that showed me what the problem was.  Currently the object API names are all in the format nstest1__EDocument__c.  However, when I use Eclipse to deploy them to the new org, it strips out the 'nstest1__’ beginning.  This then breaks all of the existing code, and since the code wouldn’t run properly SF does not allow Eclipse to deploy it to the new org.


I guess I understand that object names are unique, but I don’t understand the point of the Deploy functionality if this is true.  I don’t see how the same code can exist on different orgs when the objects cannot be deployed to different orgs.


Since the new org does not have a namespace, you'll need to run a find/replace locally to remove the namespace from your code (just drop the "nstest1__").  Then run the deploy to the new org.  


It may help to put your Force.com IDE project into offline mode before you run the search-and-replace, by right-clicking on the project root folder and selecting Force.com > Work Offline.  This way, when you save the changes to your files they will only be saved locally and not committed to your old/source organization (where they would return errors because their names had been changed).