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sorting a list of non-primitives

In the apex documentation, it says that the sort method for a list can only be used if the list is of primitive types.  Does anyone know of a way to work around this with non-primitive types?


I'm building a YouTube integration, and I bind the API results to a custom data type called "video", and I'd like to sort by one of the properties of the video when I have a list of them.


Also check this out: http://blog.sforce.com/sforce/2008/09/sorting-collect.html


I use this method all the time.




You may have already found an solution to this, but I thought I would post this anyways, as it may benift others.


I was some r&d on the same lines, and stumbled upon the post previous user mentioned. But it was too much for what I wanted to do.


Instead of a list<sObject> to order, I have a list<WrapperClass> to sort, which is not much different when it comes to sorting.

In the wrapper class I had custom Object, boolean, and sort order fields.


What I did was iterate original non-primitieve list I wanted to sort, and copied just the field "sortOrder" into new list<integer>, lets say list<integer>


list<integer> mySortOrder = new list<integer>();

for(list<non-primitive> y : orginalList){



//Once I had that, I invloded



Than I have two for loops:

Outter for loop --> iterate over mySortOrder

Inner for loop --> iternate over org list I wanted to sort


for(integer x : mySortOrder){

  for(list<non-primitive> y : orginalList){


  if(x == y.sortOrder){


   // Your business logic //







Depending on your needs, you may want to add some validation. Works great for our needs, and very simple. I have not tested on huge set, but works good for 100-200 records in the list.


Tthought someone can take advantage of this.