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Mojtaba NasiriMojtaba Nasiri 

standardController and Related Lists

Hi Pros.


i have a VF Page in which i have set standardController="account".

i would like to remove Some of the related list from the current Account object.

if i use the syntax of <apex:detail relatedList="false"/>, all the related list will be removed an i dont want that to happen.

i would like to use the default list of related lists and only remove some of the related lists and not all.


can anybody help me for this?

any comments is more than welcome




You would have to use the code that you have to remove the related lists, then add the lists back in that you want using the <apex:relatedList> visualforce tag.  Search the visualforce documentation for more details on this tag. 


You should also read this post regarding the relatedList tag as well for some information on the names of related lists.