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Class Method not accessible to newly created profile

Hi All,


I have created one Apex Class. Class have a method which is called on "Save" button. Everything works well for System Administrator.


But same method are not executing for other profile. I have set access of particular Apex class to new profile "Agent".


Also method is public so I was expecting it to be accessible to other profile. Is there anything else that I'm missing?


Thanks in advance!!!





You need to check all permissions like field level permissions and custom object permissions for the new profile in in the profile settings under administration setup.






Thanks for your reply.


Yes I did check all field level permission and also provided access to custom object. I will verfiy this again.

Do you think this could be only reason or something else?



can you please quote the error you are receiving in case your problem is not solved.



I'm not receiving any error message. Following function is a part of Extension. I have call this function through my visualforce page like below :


Apex function :



  public void createAgentCaseReply()    
            System.debug('Insert Case Reply');
            Case oCase = [Select Id,Subject,ReplyStatus__c From Case where id = :ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('id')];
            CaseReply__c oCaseReply   = new CaseReply__c();
            oCaseReply.AgentReply__c = emailBody ;
            oCaseReply.Name = oCase.Subject;
            oCaseReply.rCase__c = oCase.Id;
            insert oCaseReply;



In Visualforce page

<apex:commandButton  value="Post Reply" action="{!createAgentCaseReply}"  />


Clicking on Post Reply, new record in Custom object get created when I logged in with System administrator. But with other profile, this function never get calls. Even system.debug statement (firstline) written in createAgentCaseReply function does not execute.


Is there any other way to debug so that I can check what is wrong with above code.


Thank you!