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Chatter classes and triggers dragging down average test coverage

I feel I must be missing something here and please correct me if I am.


I am trying to deploy a custom apex trigger to Production using Eclipse. It has 100% coverage as well as it's test method which is in a seperate class. But when I go to deploy, Eclipse tells me that the average test coverage of all classes/triggers is only 72%. This seems to be due to a lot of Chatter related classes and triggers that are listed with between 30% and 90% coverage and this is stopping my deployment from going through.


This is my first attempt at APEX and I really don't feel I would be capable of writing test methods to get Chatter related test coverage up.


Is it at all possible to disregard these extra Chatter classes from being accounted for when I am trying to deploy? I don't even understand why they are there in the first place?



Somewhat related to a post I made yesterday in another thread:



Any help on this would be much appreciated.




So I made a temporary change to the ChatterConnector class to limit the number of rows outputting from one of the queries and it stopped the error happening. After doing this I am no longer getting a test coverage error which implies that this was causing the whole problem.


I'm now stuck in the same boat as a lot of people and struggling to get my trigger to get any coverage on deployment. I am deploying it at the same time as my test class, both of which had 100% coverage in Eclipse, but the trigger is just not getting any test coverage whereas the class is deploying at 100% coverage. I have looked over the objects and fields in the test method and all exist in the production that I am deploying to. I tried deploying the class first and then the trigger after and it makes no difference. I included a try {}catch{} to try to pick up any Dml exceptions as suggested in another thread but that also made no difference.


Anyone have any ideas what the problem might be?


OK, I finally got my trigger to deploy to production. Phew!


In the end it turns out that I was using the wrong trigger operation. I was performing a "before update" when it seems it should have been an "after update".


Very silly thing.