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cannot access data from Apex web services

I have an apex web service in an apex class that is called from the flex front end . The Flex is embedded in a VF page as a flash object <apex:flash> and I am logging into salesforce.com using the session Id (grabbing it from the controller using UserInfo.getSessionId()) and session URL = $Api.Partner_Server_URL_90.


I am developing in my sandbox.


The code for the apex class holding the webservice is as follows.


global class MyWebService 
	private static Datetime startDate {get; set;}
	private static Datetime endDate {get; set;}
	global class LeadObject
		public String name {get; set;}
		public String Id {get; set;}
		public String country {get; set;}
		public String city {get; set;}
		public String status {get; set;}
		public String annual_Rev_Range {get; set;}
		public String score {get; set;}
		public String company {get; set;}
		public LeadObject(Lead lead)
			name = lead.Name;
			Id = lead.Id;
			country = lead.Country;
			city = lead.City;
			status = lead.Status;
			annual_Rev_Range = lead.Annual_Revenue_Range__c;
			company = lead.Company;
			score = lead.Score__c.format();
	Webservice static List<LeadObject> getLeads(String startDateString , String startMonthString , String startYearString,
															String endDateString , String endMonthString , String endYearString)
		List<LeadObject> result = new List<LeadObject>();
		//set the start and the end dates
		setDates(startDateString , startMonthString , startYearString,
				endDateString , endMonthString , endYearString);
		//get Leads Data
		List<Lead_Key_Event__c> leadKEs;
		leadKEs = new List<Lead_Key_Event__c>();
		List<String> leadIds = getLeadIds(leadKEs); 
		result = new List<LeadObject>();
		For(Lead l : [Select l.Annual_Revenue_Range__c, l.City, l.Company, l.Country, l.FirstName,l.Name, l.Id, l.LastName, l.Score__c, l.Status 
					  from Lead l where l.Id IN : leadIds])
			result.add(new LeadObject(l));
		return result;
	private static List<String> getLeadIds(List<Lead_Key_Event__c> leadKeyEvents)
		List<String> uniqueIds = new List<String>();
		System.debug('Start date : ' + startDate.date().format() + ' End Date : ' + endDate.date().format());
		Map<String,Lead_Key_Event__c> uniqueLeadsMap = new Map<String , Lead_Key_Event__c>();
		For(Lead_Key_Event__c obj : [Select l.Id, l.Lead__c, l.Lead__r.Name , l.Name, l.Lead_Created_Date__c, l.Score__c from Lead_Key_Event__c l
					    			Where l.Lead__c != null And l.Lead_Created_Date__c >= : startDate And l.Lead_Created_Date__c <= : endDate])
	    	if(uniqueLeadsMap.get(obj.Lead__c) == null)
	    		uniqueLeadsMap.put(obj.Lead__c, obj);
	    return uniqueIds;
	private static void setDates(String startDateString , String startMonthString , String startYearString,
							String endDateString , String endMonthString , String endYearString)
		startDate = Datetime.newInstance(Integer.valueOf(startYearString),Integer.valueOf(startMonthString),Integer.valueOf(startDateString));
		endDate = DateTime.newInstance(Integer.valueOf(endYearString),Integer.valueOf(endMonthString),Integer.valueOf(endDateString));

 The code for the flex front end thats calling the webservice menthod getLeads() is as follows:



package Controller
	import Model.Model;
	import com.salesforce.AsyncResponder;
	import com.salesforce.Connection;
	import com.salesforce.objects.Parameter;
	import com.salesforce.results.Fault;
	import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;
	import mx.controls.Alert;

	public class WebServiceClient
		public var results:ArrayCollection;
		public var binding:Connection;
		public function WebServiceClient(sfdcConnection:Connection)
			this.binding = sfdcConnection;
			if (!this.binding.IsLoggedIn)
				throw new Error("Connection to the server is not available.");	
		public function execute(startDate:Date , endDate:Date): void
			Alert.show("executing web service client");
			//preparing the parameters of the web service method
			var params : Array = new Array(6);
			var stDateStringParam:Parameter = new Parameter("startDateString",startDate.date.toString());
			params[0] = stDateStringParam;
			var stMonthStringParam:Parameter = new Parameter("startMonthString",startDate.month.toString());
			params[1] = stMonthStringParam;
			var stYearStringParam:Parameter = new Parameter("startYearString",startDate.fullYear.toString());
			params[2] = stYearStringParam;
			var endDateStringParam:Parameter = new Parameter("endDateString",endDate.date.toString());
			params[3] = endDateStringParam;
			var endMonthStringParam:Parameter = new Parameter("endMonthString",endDate.month.toString());
			params[4] = endMonthStringParam;
			var endYearStringParam:Parameter = new Parameter("endYearString",endDate.fullYear.toString());
			params[5] = endYearStringParam;
		private function getLeads(params:Array):void
			// using SFDC Aysync Responder to get the results in flex
			var tempCallBack: AsyncResponder = new AsyncResponder(
						if (result != null)
							var reportsDataController:ReportsDataController = new ReportsDataController();
							Alert.show("Leads are empty.", "Info");
						Alert.show("error in result handler : " + err.message);
				function(result: Fault):void { Alert.show("Operation failed", "Error");  }
			// call the execute method of the SFDC connection object to reach out the web service
			Alert.show("Invokin SOAP");
			binding.execute("MyWebService", "getLeads", params, tempCallBack);
				Alert.show("error in getLeads : " + err.message);	


if I look in the Debug logs , I know i am invoking the webservice and querying for the data , my problem is that the data is not being passed back to flex . i.e. the result object in my asyncresponder is coming back as null.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.







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IIRC the properties in your LeadObject class must be declared with the "Webservice" modifier, if you wish them to be returned from a Webservice call.

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IIRC the properties in your LeadObject class must be declared with the "Webservice" modifier, if you wish them to be returned from a Webservice call.

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Thanks , that worked.

Hi i am newly writing webservice can you post the correct answer