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So where to begin?

Let me first say that this sounds like a great addition to SFDC. My question is where do I begin in testing this new language? I have access to a SFDC preview org. Am I missing something? Do I save it as an s-control? I have read through the documentation but seemed to have missed this starting point.

Looks like this is still not released in Pre-release version. I'll be Interested too finding out where to get started ..

But Apex looks definitely promising .. http://www.salesforce.com/landing/apex.jsp


stay tuned for when you'll be able to test it.  We're looking to have a beta available for the developer community soon.

For now, please check out the documentation at:


And please post questions you have on this board!
Thanks for the info. I look forward to being able to get my hands on it.
Are we going to be able to use applications built with this new API with a Professional account with Salesforce.  Previously, the Web Services API was only available if you were an Enterprise customer.
Please please make the new Apex available to professional users.   I like to think I am a loyal salesforce user, but at this point we are not going to double the costs of our CRM to go "enterprise".  I would very like you to see allow professional users access to Apex.  I am sure others feel the same way.

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Hello Benji,

Just curious on what tool they use to make the demo in Flash I know it is a bit off topic but....

Otherwise that's marvelous announce. Can't wait to test it and have my hands dirt with this

This is really great stuff.
Is is scheduled for the coming release?
First, According to several people @ Dreamforce this is scheduled for BETA in Q1 2007.

Second -- Benji / Kingsley - This forum isn't visible in any of the forum listings (at least for me). Is this intentional?
Chirag MehtaChirag Mehta

Yesterday i read abt Apex and was surprised to see that I too could work on the same

language which SFDC uses for its development


Really awesome

I too was constrained by limits of AppExchange

Something similar to Apex was in my mind ..that i wanted from SFDC and SFDC provied it


Tell me where we can do coding stuff ...........just there are examples ..also whether developers can work around the same or not

Eagerly waiting for the same ..Even i prepared a paper on the same to have a discussion with my team

I only have a Developer account. Will Apex be available to me for development? Is Apex tied to Salesforce version 8.0?

Colin Goldberg

I think the best thing about Apex is that besides creating the data object in the past, we could put in logic and behaviours in to make much more capable custom application on Salesforce.

But I hope Salesforce could release some good IDE for creating custom apps rather than point and click under Setup. I visited Coghead.com yesterday, it is awesome.

That's Breeze, a tool from Macro... er Adobe.
Thanks for teh heads up Daroz, it should be fixed now.

I think when it is available for us to use the APEX there should be the following stuff so that developers can get started quickly:
1) How to use pluggin in eclipse to save code directly to the application.
2) The most important things for developers is that they can step through the code by printing out log messages as they step through the functionality in the application. There should be a clear demo included with how to setup the pluggin/code/debug/run app.