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prathap raoprathap rao 

Rollback option in Salesforce

Hey All


Is there an option in Eclipse IDE or best practices steps documentation available on "How to roll back from Production?" in case some major code changes happen.


I am curious there should be a easy way


One of the methods that I was suggested to follow was:


Change the code in QA (Sandbox) and Deploy to Production. Is this a suggested approach?


Since there were custom field level changes and changes in signature of the methods in the Class/Dependent Class that were being deployed it caused the deployment to fail.


Please suggest me any easier approach for this Issue.:(




prathap raoprathap rao

Does anyone have a simpler solution :(


Waiting on it to simplify life and process :(




Unfortunately salesforce does not have any version controlling, and hence I think we will have to go with changing the code in the sandbox and deploy it to production.


If you have additional classes that you dont want it in production you shud delete them using the destructive package which is available in IDE & ANT.


As a best practice it is suggested to take the backup of the production configuration before you make any changes or deploy new set of changes, so that even if some thing goes wrong you will have your backup handy.