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Web service callout failed: String length exceeds maximum: 100000

I receive this when calling an external web service.  I'm using xmldom to make the call.  I know the results coming back are > 100000. 


My question is if there is away around this? 



Hi , You must take care of the following whenever you are calling a third party web services from Salesforce. The WSDL document must be 1 MB or less in size. If the WSDL exceeds this size limit, try and remove any unnecessary methods or data types from the WSDL. The auto-generated Apex classes may not exceed 100,000 characters. If the generated class does exceed this limit, WSDL2Apex will generate the Apex code, display the code in the salesforce.com user interface along with the appropriate error message. It will not be able to save it. But again, since the code is generated in the user interface, a workaround is to copy the Apex code that is generated and break it out into 2 or more Apex classes.

You exceeded the limit of a single response parameter of type string.

Change the web service to return this parameter in a list of strings, and then construct it back to a single string in your apex class.


It worked for me.


We're experiencing tht same issue. When the RESPONSE to the web service call is >100KB, an exception is thrown. The response contains a base64 encoded binary file (typed as base64binary).


The strange thing is that when we make a REQUEST >100KB (we're sending a file as opposed to receiving one) we have no problem up to 1MB.


Could this have been missed by Salesforce? Not too long ago any web service call out had a limit of 100KB.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.


I should also mention that the APEX class itself is less than 20KB