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Dates in Dynamic SOQL

I have a Controller that lets the User pass in a date (date of birth) and I'm trying to use Dynamic SOQL. The problem is that the query string insists in adding the date with 00:00:00 so a DoB or 1971-02-16 gets 00:00:00 appended. This causes the query to fail because the Date of Birth field is a Date only field.


I even tried this:



date d = date.newInstance(dob.year(), dob.month(),;



to try and force the removal of the time part before passing it to the query string, but the debug log shows the query passed looks like this:


Select id, Name, Date_of_Birth__c,  From myObject__c WHERE  Date_of_Birth__c = 1971-02-16 00:00:00


which fails. Pasting the above into the Schema explorer shows a similar failure - remove the 00:00:00 bit and it works fine


Help! :smileysad:



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Okay so thinking about this further. This problem was arising from a testMethod. In the test class a record was created which include this:


myObject__c o = [Name='blah', Date_of_Birth__c=Date.parse('16/02/1971'). Perhaps thats the issue. Howvever heres the solution to get the test code to work:



Integer y = dob.year();
Integer m = dob.month();
Integer d =;

//Heres the format we need to create to get the query not append the time element to the query //(CALENDAR_YEAR(Date_of_Birth__c) = 1978 AND CALENDAR_MONTH(Date_of_Birth__c) = 4 AND DAY_IN_MONTH(Date_of_Birth__c) = 18) if (searchQuery.length() != 0){ searchQuery = searchQuery + ' AND (CALENDAR_YEAR(Date_of_Birth__c) =' + y; searchQuery = searchQuery + ' AND CALENDAR_MONTH(Date_of_Birth__c) =' + m; searchQuery = searchQuery + ' AND DAY_IN_MONTH(Date_of_Birth__c) =' + d + ')'; }

//Rest of code omitted


This code works but its a lot of hard work for a simple type of query