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SOQL aggregate functions in Eclipse schema explorer

I am trying to test an aggregate query in the Schema Explorer. Unfortunately I can't seem to get it to work. When I run the following query, I got 7 results back:


SELECT Current_Annual_Maintenance_Value__c FROM Asset


However, when I run the following query I get nothing:


SELECT sum(Current_Annual_Maintenance_Value__c) FROM Asset


Can anyone explain how to correctly do an aggregate function in a query to work? I can't get anything to work when I try Count() either. I just get an empty column of data with expr0 as the column name.


What version of the API are you using?  I think you have to be running 18 to have aggregate functions.


Edited to add:  I just did a quick search and found this post in the community forum... It should address your topic quite well.


Aggregate Functions and API version


I saw that post, but unfortunately it doesn't answer my question. I'm not getting any errors when running the query. I just don't get any results.


How can I tell what version of the API I'm using in Schema Explorer? I assumed I was using 18 because I'm not getting any errors when running the aggregate function.


If you look at the Metadata tab, there should be a tag for API Version.


The metadata tab for Schema Explorer? I don't see that. The metadata for my Apex triggers and classes say I'm using API v18. That's my problem. Everything seems to work except that the query doesn't return anything.

Rich PRich P

I am seeing the same thing in Schema Explorer, however when I transfer the aggregate query to my class it works fine, so this must be an issue with Schema Explorer:


SELECT Program__r.Program_Code__c,  AVG(X1a_weighted__c) FROM Evaluation__c WHERE Program__r.Evaluation_Team__c = 'Education B' and DateCompleted__c != null GROUP BY Program__r.Program_Code__c


results in two records with blank expr0 fields




SELECT Program__r.Program_Code__c,  X1a_weighted__c FROM Evaluation__c WHERE Program__r.Evaluation_Team__c = 'Education B' and DateCompleted__c != null


results in four records with numeric values in each of the "X1a_weighted__c" (int) fields