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E-mail Service to Create Contact

I'm having some difficulties creating an e-mail service that creates Contacts, which can then be linked to an Opportunity using OpportunityContactRole.  I'm not getting e-mail error logs when I send my tests, so I can't figure out what's going wrong.  Here's the key bit of the code that I think is not working properly:



               Opportunity opp = [Select ID
                   From Opportunity Where Event_Code__c = :event_code limit 1];
               Contact primaryContact = new Contact();
               primaryContact.LastName = event_last;
               primaryContact.FirstName = event_first;
               insert primaryContact;
               }catch(DMLException e){
                     system.debug('ERROR Inserting attachment:'+e.getDMLMessage(0));

               OpportunityContactRole primaryContactRole = new OpportunityContactRole();
               primaryContactRole.ContactId = primaryContact.id;
               primaryContactRole.OpportunityId = opp.id;
                     insert primaryContactRole;
               }catch(DMLException e){
                     system.debug('ERROR Inserting attachment:'+e.getDMLMessage(0));




Try adding this to your new Opp Contact Role area:



primaryContactRole.Role = 'SomeRole';


Also, you're inserting a contact without an accountId.



That sounds like the two places that's wrong.


But you can also set the debug log for the user who is set to process these records - when the service is called it will show you the errors...