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What does "/secur/logout.jsp" do? How to redirect to a custom page after logout

Does anyone know what "/secur/logout.jsp" does?  I need to manually perform all of the logout tasks and then redirect to a different page.  Right now the logout.jsp redirects to login.salesforce.com.  I want to use a controller to do the logout tasks and then perform a redirect to something like http://mycustomloginpage.notsalesforce.com.






You can ser the log out page of your site going on the left bar of your org to ->App Setup -> Customize -> Customer Portal -> Settings:

On portal default settings you will find  an Item names Logout URL edit it and put wathever page you want to redirect people after logout.




That won't work.  This is not a customer portal.  It's the standard platform user logout action that I want to redirect.


pretty sure you can only control logout functionality in the portal/sites.  in there, you may be able to use "retURL" as a URL parameter, like most SF platform pages that support it, but I haven't tested that.


retURL works but only if the url is a salesforce website, if you try to redirect to a non salesforce page, you will get an error

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Rohit Sharma 12Rohit Sharma 12
You can put return url with logout page:

Meenu AroraMeenu Arora
please let me know where and how i can override the /secur/logout.jsp.

I am trying to override the logout functionality for standard salesforce and not for any curstomer portal. Please assist urgently.
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try this way-