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Extending a the standard controller of a custom object

Can I write a controller for a Visualforce page that 'extends' the functionality of the standardController?


I have a custom object, and want to add some function to that supplied by the standard controller for the custom object.


At the moment I am using the standard controller to access the custom objects fields and the quick save method.


is there something like


public class CustomController extends StandardController {



syntax available?


What is best practice for extending the functionality of a standard controller?

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  This can be done in the following way


1) Create a Apex class with a parameterized constructor in this way


public class MyCustomController{

   public MyCustomController(ApexPages.StandardController controller){



2) In Visualforce page, the <apex:page/> (starting tag) contains "standardController" attribute. use the custom object api name as value for this attribute. Also you have to set a name of apex class in the "extensions" attribute of <apex:page /> tag.


<apex:page standardController="Custom_Object__c" extensions="MyCustomController">




By doing this you are extending the standard behaviour in the custom controller.